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Audio Conferencing

ExpressConnect Conferencing is proud to offer complete portfolio of audio and web conferencing services to meet all of a company’s business conferencing needs, including:

  • On-demand phone meetings up to 300 lines without a reservation
  • Large, structured teleconferencing events with personalized operator interaction
  • Basic web conferencing for everyday meeting and remote sales calls
  • Full-featured web conferencing that maximizes the interactive experience
  • Specialized web conferencing services designed specifically for remote training sessions or large-scale events or remote technical support
  • Web conferencing with e-commerce included
  • Web conferencing options that designed for PCs and Macs
  • Web conferencing solutions that require NO download

Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing

ExpressDial audio conferencingis a convenient, easy-to-use service for routine on-demand audio conferencing meetings.

Connect up to 300 participants without a reservation and control the call from the telephone keypad or computer keyboard. Access your personal virtual conference room anytime from any place using your own unique and permanent Conference ID and PIN. Use your choice of US toll-free, International toll-free, International toll or, for extra savings, US toll numbers to dial in to your call. Numerous features are available to you and your participants during the call.

Use our DialAssist audio conferencing services when operator assistance or other specialized services are needed.

We offer a range of DialAssist audio solutions with optional features to fit your business communication needs, regardless of the size of your audience.

Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing

ExpressConnect Conferencing offers full suite of market-leading web conferencing services to meet every business need and budget requirement.

Collaborating via the web is the way to go when you wish to facilitate the remote sharing of desktop applications such as Excel, Photoshop, WORD or your own software applications. It is also ideal when you want your meeting participants to view specific websites, to respond to a survey or to take control as a co-moderator or co-presenter. Many of our web conferencing solutions also offer advance registration / reminder features that are ideal for more formal meetings / seminars when you wish to tightly control attendance or charge a fee for attendance.

Adobe® Acrobat® Connect Pro | WebPresentNow™ | Microsoft® Office Live Meeting | Cisco WebEx®

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Web Conferencing

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NO set-up fees… you only pay for the time you use, so there is no cost to signing up now.

There are monthly and annual subscription options for our web conferencing services with untimed usage. This can be more economical for frequent web conferencing users.

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conferencing ideas Conferencing Ideas

On some of situations best suited for phone and / or web conferencing. ExpressDial allows you put a remote meeting together quickly with no advance planning. Many of our web conferencing solutions also offer advance registration / reminder features that are ideal for more formal meetings / seminars when you wish to tightly control attendance or charge a fee for attendance.

best practices Best Practices

For leading remote conferences, participating in conference calls and selecting the service to best fit your needs. Read more...

user guides User Guides

All training is included at no additional fee. Contact the ExpressConnect business office if you would like to schedule a customized training for your office or if you need some one-on-one training. We recommend that you download and save the relevant user guides for your reference as needed.
Does your organization have diversity goals or requirements? ExpressConnect is HUBZone-certified, women-owned and SBA “small” so spending with ExpressConnect can provide you with triple diversity credits. CAGE #: 3K6K5 - D&B #: 138124826 - FIN: 73-1641568 - HUBZone OMB Approval #: 3245-0320