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DialsAssist Conferencing


We offer a range of DialAssist audio solutions with optional features to fit your business communication needs, regardless of the size of your audience, from a dozen executives, investors and analysts, to a 2500 member sales force:

Operator Assisted - For smaller calls (25 or less) requiring the support of an operator who will greet participants as they dial into your call and are placed into your meeting.

Premium - For small or large events needing customized features. We bring everyone together in one seamlessly planned, managed and executed event. Add features, like Q&A, recording or transcription, to ensure you get everything you need from your call. At the time of your conference, participants dial into your call and are greeted by an operator who places them into your meeting.

Premium with Event Plus - Ideal for large events because it reduces hold times for participants by allowing them to join your event through an automated process. An operator will not greet your participants, but is available to support everyone throughout the call to help with other premium service features you have selected.

Direct Event(SM) - Ideal for scaling automated entry calls to accommodate a large audience. It is very similar to Premium with Event Plus. What differentiates these two services is the type of information you can obtain from your participants before they join the call since they are joining in an automated fashion. Registration prior to your event is optionally available along with over 40 other features to tailor your call to your needs.