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Conferencing Ideas

Best Applications for Express Conferencing - ExpressDial

ExpressDial allows you put a remote meeting together quickly with no advance planning… just be sure your meeting participants have your permanent dial-in number and your unique Conference ID. It is ideal for basic audio conference calls and for teleconferences where you want centralized control over the muting, volume, sub-conferences and other features:

  • Impromptu Meetings
  • Status Updates
  • Meetings that need to accommodate people with ever-changing schedules
  • Immediate Troubleshooting Discussions / Crisis Management Meetings
  • Roll-out of New Company Policies / New Benefits / New Strategies
  • Review Employee Survey Results
  • Industry Updates
  • Sales Meetings:
    • Remote Sales Calls
    • Sales Contest and Incentive Announcements / Updates
    • Sales Training / Refreshers
    • Target Account / Competitive Strategy Sessions
    • Sharing Success Stories / Effective Tactics
  • Marketing Meetings:
    • Brainstorming for New Product Ideas
    • Review / Discuss Customer Feedback
    • Present / Discuss Market Research Results
    • Sharing Ideas for Lead Sourcing o Alpha and Beta Feedback Sessions
  • Finance and Operations Meetings:
    • Monthly Operational Reviews
    • Meetings to Address Immediate Customer / Account Situations
    • Sharing "Best Practices"
    • Brainstorming for Revenue Generation and Cost Containment Ideas
    • Customer Service Training
  • Engineering and Technical Meetings:
    • Technical Issue Alerts and Procedures
    • Brainstorming on Resolutions to Customer Requests / Prospect Desires
    • Quality Incentive Announcements
    • Brainstorming for Efficiency and Quality Ideas
  • Project Management Meetings:
    • Remote Project Team Meetings
    • Requirements Definition Reviews with Clients / Sponsors
    • Project Results Presentations
    • Information Gathering Interviews
  • Legal Meetings:
    • Depositions with Remote Attendees
    • Arbitrations with Remote Attendees
    • Mediations with Remote Attendees
    • Remote Class Actions Meetings o Pre-trial Hearings
    • Client / Account Review Meetings o Client Meetings
    • Expert Interviews)

Best Applications for Full-featured Web Conferencing

Collaborating via the web is the way to go when you wish to facilitate the remote sharing of desktop applications such as Excel, Photoshop, WORD or your own software applications. It is also ideal when you want your meeting participants to view specific websites, to respond to a survey or to take control as a co-moderator or co-presenter. Many of our web conferencing solutions also offer advance registration / reminder features that are ideal for more formal meetings / seminars when you wish to tightly control attendance or charge a fee for attendance.

Sample uses include:

  • Meetings Leveraging Visual Aids / Document Sharing
  • Meetings with Participant Surveys o Meetings with more than one Presenter
  • Meetings that would be Enhanced by Internet Access
  • Distance Learning Sessions
  • Company Intranet Tours / Training / Reviews o New Hire Orientations
  • E-learning Briefs / Debriefs
  • Technology / Software Updates
  • Meetings / Seminars with Pre-Registration Required

Sales Meetings:

  • Software Product Demonstrations to Prospects
  • Thorough Sales Training with Demonstrations
  • Company Intranet Training / Reviews
Marketing Meetings
  • Remote Marketing Research
  • Focus Group
  • Remote Group Analysis of Research Results
  • Review Competitive Websites
  • New Product Launches
Finance and Operations Meetings:
  • Monthly Financial / Budget Reviews
  • Remote Help to Debug Spreadsheets / Programs
Engineering and Technical Meetings:
  • Remote Collaboration on Software Issues
  • New Software / Enhancement Training
Project Management Meetings:
  • Project Plan Update Meetings (real-time)
  • Team Performance Review Meetings

Best Applications for Operator-Assisted Conferencing

DialAssist is best suited for very large audio calls or very formal / structured calls with specialized needs. Sample uses include:

  • Meetings with Formal, Queued Q&A
  • Meetings with more the 300 participants (e.g., Company-Wide Announcements)
  • Formal, Anonymous Market Research
  • Board of Director Meetings
  • Press Conferences
  • Earnings Announcements
  • Investor Relations Meeting

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