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ExpressDial Reservationless Conferencing

Easy to Use

No Reservation: Conduct a conference call of up to 125 participants without making a reservation. Reservation changes, cancellations and related charges are a thing of the past.

Permanent Dial-In Information: Use the same phone number and your personal conference ID for every conference call.

Usage Tracking:
Receive e-mails detailing your conferencing usage after each conference call. Usage information is also available through the Reports menu of ExpressNet, our integrated web conferencing solution.

Digital Replay:
Record calls or call segments with the touch of a button for later secured dial-in and replay.


PIN Protection:
Use your unique, private moderator PIN to control when the call begins.

Flexible Call Entry:
Choose your own signal for participant call entry and exit: a name recording, a tone, or silence. Use our lock / unlock feature to control if / when others may join your call.

Conference Continuation:
Set your account defaults to control how / when your call ends.

Feature Rich

24 Hour Assistance:
Access technical / operator assistance 24 x 7 from our fully staffed Operations Center.

Mute Lines:
Control background noise through our mute / unmute features.

Roll Call Option:
Hear a listing of the participant name recordings.

Add participants to the call using the system dial-out feature with step by step instructions. This can be very economical for international participants.

Billing Code Option:
Choose to be prompted for a billing code at the start of each call if you wish to track costs by client or project. Invoices will then be organized by your billing codes.


Financial Savings:
Use ExpressDial to gain economies over traditional operator-assisted calls, with lower rates, no change or cancellation fees, and international dial-out rates passed through at cost.

Time Savings:
Use administrative time more efficiently with automated conferencing.

Integration Benefits, one low rate:
Use our integrated web technology, ExpressNet, to share PowerPoint presentations during your ExpressDial calls. Full integration allows for synchronized recording of the audio and web portions of the conference call.