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Automated On-demand Audio Conferencing Service

ExpressDial  conference calls now allow up to 300 participants without a reservation. PIN-activated conference calls begin after the moderator joins and enters the PIN. QuickStart calls begin when the first participant dials in, even though the moderator has not yet joined.

Starting and Joining a Conference Call
Moderators start a conference call by:

  • Dialing the U.S. toll-free number, U.S. local number or International access number
  • Entering the conference ID followed by the # sign
  • Pressing * to enter the 4 or 6 digit PIN code followed by the # sign

Participants join by dialing the U.S toll-free number, U.S. local number or International access number and entering the conference ID followed by the # sign. They are joined to the call silently, with a tone, or with their recorded name announcement. 

Phone Commands

Press the * key and the number command to control your conference call

Get Help
*0     Summon an operator
*1     Hear a phone command menu 

Mute Lines
*6     Mute and un-mute your line
*96   Mute all participants’ lines
*97   Un-mute all participants’ lines
Dial Out
*95   Dial out to domestic participants
*0     Dial out to International participants
           (with Operator Assistance) 

Record the Call
*22   Start or stop recording 
*32   Create custom call greeting
Control Call Volume
*4     Increase volume in the call
*5     Increase volume on your line
*7     Decrease volume in the call
*8     Decrease volume on your line 

Increase Call Security
*31   Turn security code prompts on or off
*91   Hear a count of participants
*92   Hear a private roll call
*93   Disconnect all participant lines
*94   Lock and unlock the call 

Initiate a Sub-conference
*21   Start sub-conferencing
#1-9  Join participants to the sub-conference
##      Return to the main menu
#0      Return participants to the main call 

24x7 Technical Support
U.S. Toll-free: 1.800.459.5680 or
International: 1.719.785.9496